The potentials of waste-to-energy system in Nigeria: A study of pyrolysis conversion of wood residue to bio-oil in major cities of south-western Nigeria

Popoola, L.T and Babagana, Gutti and Jamiu, Adetayo Adeniran and Babatunde, Kazeem Adeoye (2013) The potentials of waste-to-energy system in Nigeria: A study of pyrolysis conversion of wood residue to bio-oil in major cities of south-western Nigeria. Advances in Applied Science Research, 4 (22). pp. 243-251.

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In this study, the potentials of waste-to-energy system in Nigeria had been uncovered by considering the production of bio-oil from wood residue generated in major cities of south-western Nigeria using pyrolysis conversion. The major cities examined were Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Ilorin, Ado-Ekiti, Akure and Ile-Ife with wood residue generation of 807.7 Ton/day, 1,335.4 Ton/day, 65.5 Ton/day, 69.8 Ton/day, 15.1 Ton/day, 14.4 Ton/day and 8.1 Ton/day respectively. High tonnages generation from Abeokuta and Lagos result from their favourable environmental condition for afforestation, over-population and industrial influences. The potential of producing 1,161,242.4 litres/day of bio-oil using pyrolysis from a total of 2,316 Ton/day of wood residue generated from cities examined was discovered. The liable revenue to be generated from the sale of this bio-oil at ₦50/litre is ₦21.2 billion/year which can equally be used in providing lacking infrastructural facilities in examined cities. However, effective techno-economic analysis of the process is very important to know the capital and operating costs involved. Also, investigations into pyrolysis process optimization of wood residue are necessary to have optimum bio-oil production based on the available resources.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: waste-to-energy system, bio-oil, pyrolysis conversion, wood residue, diesel, cities.
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